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The Harald-Rose-Distinguished-Lecture 2013 of the German Society for Electron Microscopy e.V. (DGE)

was granted on decision of the Prize Committee

to the awardee

Prof. Dr. Peter Schattschneider

for his work on:

"Electron Magnetic Chiral Dichroism (EMCD) and its Applications in Practice"

The award is presented at the opening ceremony of the Microscopy Conference 2013 in Regensburg
on Monday, August 26th 2013. The Harald-Rose-Distinguished-Lecture will be given on Thursday, August 29th at 8:30.

Pressemitteilung in deutsch --- Press Release in English

Former Awardees

The Harald-Rose-Distinguished-Lecture was initiated in 2013. Prof. Dr. Peter Schattschneider is the first awardee.